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Kelly Werner


The staff is top notch. They make sure their customers are making an informed decision. They have made several custom pieces for me and the craftsmanship is always stellar. Highly recommend.

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Pat Lindh

July 4, 2020

This is the best jewelry store I have ever shopped in. Very friendly, clean, and they are expert gemologists. Trustworthy!

James V

October 3, 2018

No matter how many adjectives I use they would fail and fall utterly short of a worthy review of J. Morgan Jewelry of Grand Haven, Michigan. Jon is a out and outstanding gemologist and goldsmith. His skill for detail and design principals are second to none. He has a gift which allows him to relate to his clients on a personal level. He will point out to you the beauty and qualities of your purchase. You will feel at ease with your purchase. The price is always fair, the quality will be as you expect. Kudos to Jon's staff, they exhibit the same qualities as Jon. They can't get any better. This is the best jewelry store in the Tri Cities area, I will shop no where else nor would I trust anyone else to care for mine and my familys jewlery.

Jessica Knott

December 4, 2019

After losing my wedding ring, I went to J.Morgan Ltd. in order to replace it. Born and raised in Grand Haven, this is the only jewelry store that I go to because of their level of professionalism and honesty. Anthony helped me for over an hour trying out wedding rings to find the perfect one. He was very kind and patient. I went in having no idea of what style I wanted and left with the feeling that I made a perfect choice. And it will be done in time for Christmas. Thank you J. Morgan! You have my loyalty! 💍

T Redd

October 31, 2019

Great help today with re-designing my wife's wedding ring. Dee and the team did a super job and gave me a great deal. A fun group to work with and that is best when spending lots of money....have some fun doing it... Need jewelry or just ideas - go see J. Morgan. T PS I recvd no kickback for my review but would be pleased to take one if possible.....:>)

Lonnie Czinder

January 14, 2020

Good selection of items available for purchase per my interest. Many came in under my stated budget. Very helpful young lady!

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David M.


Very personal and helpful. John thoughtfully repaired a sentimental necklace. This is by far the best jeweler we've dealt with in this area.READ MORE

Enn Q.


A gem of an establishment! Great staff, professional and knowledgeable. They have worked on many of my family heirlooms and I am thrilled with them all....READ MORE

Nancy J.


The most trusted jeweler in the area. They offer beautiful jewelry at a fair price and do repairs etc. John Morgan is a wonderful person, a skilled...READ MORE